It might sound a little hypocritical, but really, SAVE YOUR POSTS… Many small businesses, mostly crafters, I’ve noticed post over 10-20 items to their Facebook account of their new products that they’ve just listed on their website, Etsy or where ever they sell. Don’t get me wrong, I love to see other’s products but only 4-5 max. gets me the picture. I’m sure others feel the same. If customers like even one or two of your items, chances are they will visit your site to see more. Please don’t overload everyone with showing every single new item via Facebook! Instead, try making it a mystery by posting a simple announcement that your new collection is out. Direct readers to your site with a link. Make people curious about your product by introducing your inspiration of your new line without all the pictures. Think of the high-end fashion stores, are they posting something about every new product that enters their stores? No, they are using advertising techniques to get us to look ourselves. This is how our small business and crafter business should reframe our mind. We need to think like the retailers but respect the fact that we are all small business owners and our customers are our bread and butter.  Crafters are all creative, so please use your creative mind to engage your audience with content that encourages, stimulates and influences your market’s buying spirit.

If you have a creative marketing idea that has worked for you, please share it with us! Some people just need a little extra help in this area! ~ ox


I have found and realized that everyone and their daughters, friends, co-workers and neighbors are making jewelry… So what is making your product different? I believe that many beaders, including myself find ourselves getting in a “mass producing” jewelry making rut. So, when I visit shops,craft fairs, online shops, and such. I wondering why are these products are even offered? Let’s face it, making a simple pair of earrings only takes, what…two – four minutes, tops! Really, where’s the creativity in that? I am guilty of this too. If you look at the earrings I currently have listed in my Etsy shop, there’s no wonder why I haven’t sold any of them. Everyone and their dogs are making the same things. I’m not trying to say, us jewelry makers are making junk, we just need to expertise in a certain style, mix it up a little and spend a little more time on our products than five minutes. It will show. And then, it will sell.

So I’ve broken down the steps to finding your market and how to produce for them.

1.) Who do you want to sell to? Don’t assume that just anyone is going to purchase your jewelry. Feel out the market and decide on a specific one. Are they brides, young and trendy, mature and trendy, fashion forward, or bold or simple. Well, you get the picture.. Find out who you want to attract and make your products for them.

2) Why do you want to sell to your market? Are you one of them, do you know what they like? Do you connect with them?

3) Do your research. Where do they buy? How do they buy? Are you really going to sell all your products standing at a craft fair for eight hours, if your target market doesn’t even shop craft fairs? What I’m trying to say, is don’t just waste your time attracting “lookers.” You want to attract buyers, so please set up your shop or booth at places that your market is going to be at.

4) Put some time into it. Chances are your market doesn’t have the time to make a jewelry piece like the one that you sell, that is why they buy it. However, if it looks like you only threw together two beads onto a jewelry hook and literally took you one minute to make, they may reconsider their purchase. What I’m trying to say is make jewelry that takes time, look at the jewelry that your target market is already wearing and get inspired. If they love necklaces with big bold stones that have three or four strands. Make that! Don’t simply strand together seed beads and a couple of spacers and call it good. Trust me, they won’t be impressed. Now if you hand wire each bead and include spacers, that might be different because of the extra time that you’ve put into it.

5.) Provide excellent customer service. This is a must for anyone selling anything! I can not tell you how disappointed I’ve been lately with the LACK of customer service in this world. Customers are your bread and butter, treat them like it. If it wasn’t for your customer, you wouldn’t have a sale. So why treat them as if they are just another person? You should really take that extra step to treat them with respect. Return their phone calls, return their emails, and talk to them like they are your friend, not to mention with respect.

So, to summarize my points…Find your target market, make your jewelry for them, put some time and thought into your designs and provide excellent, top-notch, customer service! Use your creative mind, put some effort into what you provide. You will be seeing more of that from me and on my site, as a I rework my line.

If you’d like to be featured as a unique artist on my blog to give some of my readers some inspiration and an example of how to create carefully designed jewelry that takes time and effort, please email me at! Some people just need to know that it can and should be done that way…

~ ox

I love being a mom to my beautiful 1 1/2 year old daughter. She’s fun, cute and very active. However, lately I’ve felt like there’s so much to do and so many things that I could be doing but none of it is getting done… The balancing act is complicated sometimes. And, now that I’m expecting another lil’ one this winter, I wonder how it’s going to effect the balance of my life that’s not even balanced… Well, that’s when I step back and say, I love what I’m doing, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I would rather have a life to look back on and say, “wow.” I had so much fun with my kids! Rather than, “Wow, I wish I spent more time with my kids” or “I wish I had kids.” They are irreplaceable.  They are energetic and they bring life to the home… (much like my chocolate lab when she was a pup!) Before kids, it was easy finding time to craft, read, workout, and so on and so forth.

My kid (soon to be kid”s”) has replaced the once first love that you never forget about…hobbies, crafts and so on. So, now I find time to craft in the morning while the house is still  sleeping, and during nap time or when daddy time takes over. I have to admit that “my time” is peaceful, relaxing, and gratifying. I enjoy working with my hands, creating and imagining. My art brings me back to reality and calmness. I really find satisfaction when I am done with a piece and look at it and think “wow” I love it! This I am grateful for.

For now, my inventory might not be as full or I might not be able to move my business forward as fast as I could, but I am happy with my new schedule and even more happy with finding time to do what I love… play with my kid(s)!

Cheers to my U of O customers!

I love the new design and theme that I’ve got a lot of orders for! My OREGON and OSU fans are toasting with their favorite Oregon college themed wine glasses. One of my best customers has a split household and had some OSU and U of O glasses combined! While I LOVE to celebrate my Oregon colleges, I’m happy to customize other state schools too;-) I’ve done UW too! Cheers to graduates this year and I wish you many years of success and happiness.

These wine glasses are a special order, but if you’d like to place an order with your favorite college, please email me or visit my Etsy shop at www.silverblossomsjewels.etsy.comand place a custom order! Thanks for looking and happy entertaining, Donna


I am so excited and thrilled that Silver Blossoms Jewelry & Design made it to the front page as the featured designer for the Heart Handmade Blog! This is so exciting to me because the products that I make, I truly LOVE. And, to share my designs with everyone is truly an honor. I am currently working on more designs and will be posting more on Etsy, so the timing of this feature article is great. Thank you Heart Handmade Blog for sharing the love! Check out it out on

Happy Entertaining, Donna

Another new treasury list on Etsy featured one of my items! I love the theme, it’s perfectly paired with cheese and wine…Yum

I’m so excited that my serving ware is a part of weddings and will be a rememberable keepsake! I have so much fun making each piece, especially the ones that stand out with sparkle and elegance. I love this set because the colors make it look like a special piece of jewelry and the colors blend so well together. I love browns, champagnes and ivory. Happy Entertaining!